I am an artist and artisan. I do not stop making new things.

My name is Anna Wiesek-Stawowy

I was born when it was time.

Since childhood I have been living art, wandering, fascinating animals and my private inner worlds. I preferred to wander with the dog than play with my friends. I've always been a restless soul searching for the right place for myself and the right way to express myself.

I could never find the perfect place to live permanently. I even studied at two different universities:
- at the Jan Długosz Academy (earlier name: Wyzsza Szkola Pedagogiczna) in Czestochowa, the specialty of easel and wall painting,
-  and at the University of Silesia in Katowice (the Art Branch in Cieszyn). There I got a master's degree in Art under the supervision of dr hab. Anna Markowska and professor Lech Kołodziejczyk in 2006.

I am a vagabond. It takes me into the world. It draws me into a world full of beauty and inspiration. I am constantly searching and wandering in study of the manifestation of Beauty.

Anywhere I live, I discover something special that attracts me and  makes me love it.
Something, what will give me to an opportunity to create something completely new, different, fresh.


A few years ago during the hike in the English hills I met the sheep. It's obvious, right? But not quite. I started to look at them carefully and see the differences (and pick up their wisps/tufts from the bushes). In the meantime, I was desperate because of the lack of space to stand my easel and paint. I 've been slightly maliciously instructed to start the spinning on the spindle - because the crocheting and weaving is not enough eccentric. That's it.

The multitude of varieties and types of sheep fleece surprised me totally! And almost unlimited possibilities to create exactly the yarn I want to have. But I am most surprised by the fact that there are not many artistic fanciful yarns from real wool in the shops. Shame! I listened to the voice of the heart and I began to spin the wonders that enchants with peculiarity.

My fascination with sheep curls and learning the needs of photographers resulted in the creation of a series of furry photo props for astounding photography sessions.

For my projects I use a fleece from sheep of different breeds, primarily British - also those rare and covered by various protection programs. 

I make sure that only sheep treated with love give their fleece to me. I do not want to have any suffering of animal on the conscience. Almost every single sheep's hair that comes to my studio is cruelty free.